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How to Trust - Chessela Helm (2018)


Madeline works as a trust officer at a bank (that is looking after people's trust funds), but her real passion lies with writing Regency romance. Her trust fund clients are an eccentric cast of hypochondriacs, widowers with costume fetishes, and people with invisible "friends". The bank is a very entertaining, if not frustrating, place to work. She must maintain her clients' confidentiality, and can't talk about work outside the office. She meets artist Damien, and they start dating. Things go smoothly until Madeline's work life interferes with her personal life, and she has to make a choice between the two.
I found that the book focuses more on Madeline's job as a trust officer than her relationship with Damien. Personally, I couldn't connect with the heroine. I think the author was aiming for a "snarky" heroine, but I just found her rude and aggressive. The dialogue was a little forced, and the sex scenes were a bit too cliched for my taste (such as screaming each other's name). But, overall, it's a cute chick lit read. (CK)



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