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Hollywood Gems - Christina Miano (2016)


This is the story of Mia Roman, a 27-year-old entrepreneur living in San Francisco with her partner. Mia has a very busy life running a successful gem-decorating business serving elite Hollywood stars. The story opens with Mia coming home to find that her boyfriend, John, has cleaned out her apartment, taking most of her treasured belongings and her beloved cat Bob. Stunned, she calls upon her two best friends, Frankie and Dee, to assist her. Yet although her love life is in turmoil, Mia's business goes from strength to strength and she has no time to dwell on her heartbreak. Mia receives a commission from actress Andrea Snowdon, albeit a highly unusual one. Through Andrea, Mia is introduced to the gorgeous action film star Joe Barrick or J.B. There is an immediate attraction and Joe asks Mia on a date, much to her surprise. Mia and Joe gradually become closer but as Shakespeare once said, the course of true love never runs smoothly, particularly when you are a famous Hollywood actor. Mia finds herself somewhat begrudgingly thrown into the spotlight. Unused to media attention, she and Joe have to navigate their way through many obstacles; the paparazzi, tabloids and bitter jilted ex-girlfriends which put pressure on their burgeoning romance. There is also the question of distance: she is based in San Francisco and Joe is in Los Angeles. Faced with these challenges, will she just be another conquest for Joe or is this the real thing and can they circumnavigate the challenges to find true happiness?
This was a really easy and fun read. The characters were very likeable; I particularly loved Mia's two best friends Dee and Frankie, who provided many comical moments. As well as the main characters of Mia and Joe, there were also mini subplots, which gave an added dimension to the storyline. The book dealt with many themes: love, break-ups, heartbreak, life and death but homed in the message that when all else fails, a girl can always rely on her best friends. Set in the cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles, this was a highly enjoyable read that I would definitely recommend. Would love to see a sequel. (LP)



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