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His Hired Girlfriend - Alexia Praks (2015)


Jay has caught his girlfriend in the act with his best friend, Kyle. Needing to clear his head, he hightails it to New Zealand. While visiting his friend Paul, Jay gets a message from his super-wealthy family that his sister Kelly is getting married and Jay is required back home. The thing is they are expecting a girlfriend and one who can fit his family's requirements. Paul has the perfect girl in mind, Alexandra Stewart. Paul has known Alex since high school and knows that she is the most genuine person he has ever met and would do anything for her family. Her dad is awaiting a heart transplant and Jay is offering her enough money to help pay for the surgery. Alex reluctantly agrees, only after Paul tells her that Jay is gay. The thing, of course, is that Jay is anything but and is attracted to Alex. What will happen in New York when Alex starts to find herself falling for Jay? Can Jay prove to Alex that his love for her is real and that he has wanted her since day one?
I enjoyed His Hired Girlfriend for the most part as I love the whole idea of that falling in love with Cinderella premise but what did annoy me was that due to this being an NZ book, some of the language and kiwi-isms made me cringe. (PP)



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