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Hiding out in Hollywood - Jennifer Farwell (2016)


Following on from Rock Star's Girl, this cutesy sweet romance story is the second book in the Hollywood Dating Story series. After the whole fiasco with musicians Cory Sampson and Jesse Cinders, whom she thought she could trust but they turned out to be using her, Emily Watts has lost everything she has worked for. Advertisers have pulled out of her website Zeeked, not wanting to be associated with someone the tabloids are piling hate on. Hiding out, Emily changes her whole routine, including her yoga class where she meets movie star Raine Kingston. It seems he has his eyes set on Emily but of course she doesn't want anything to do with him especially since she is finally getting her life back on track with a new online column and is happy with the quiet anonymity. What will happen though when she discovers that Raine won't take no for an answer? Can he prove to her that hiding only fuels the fires and that not all Hollywood stars are bad? (PP)



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