Her Perfect Revenge - Anna Mara (2008)

You know what they say about revenge, it's best served cold. Anna Mara's novel Her Perfect Revenge is a fabulous tale of three stubbornly clever characters who find themselves tied up in a shrewd battle of mind games, fraud, secrets, and of course a few lies - and the only rule, there are no rules. Christina, a shy, timid high school girl, was devastated when she was publicly humiliated by the popular, rich boy, Bill Havenwood Jr. This changed her life and she never forgot about it, or the boy who tortured her. It's now 15 years later and Christina is all grown up and working as a photo journalist when she runs into Bill again, literally. Christina puts her plan in motion to get revenge, and little does she know that she has somewhat of an ally in Bill's father, William. The old man is such a hoot, always scheming and manipulating those around him. You will find yourself smiling, and maybe even laughing out loud, at some of the antics these characters get themselves into. Well written with witty, sarcastic dialogue, this is a fun story to get lost in. With great characters, fun banter and a juicy story you can't go wrong with this one. (CF)

Have you ever dreamed of getting even? In Canadian author Anna Mara's debut novel, Her Perfect Revenge, that's exactly what the main character gets a chance to do. But will it cost Christina her future? The summary says: "Revenge is sweet - or is it? Christina Matteo had a humiliating prank pulled on her in high school by rich, party boy Bill Havenwood. It changed her life and she never forgot it - or him. Older, wiser and tougher, she meets him again years later and decides to get even. But things don't go her way when she stupidly crashes her car into his Ferrari while tailing him. Not recognising her, Bill blackmails the uninsured and cash-poor Christina into helping him stay in his billionaire father's good graces by pretending to be his fiancee for one month. Christina decides to go along with his ruse; after all, who knows what dirt she can find out about the jerk from the inside? But as Christina scams Bill; and Bill scams his father; his father scams the both of them. William Havenwood Sr knows all about their phoney engagement and pushes for a real marriage to get the conniving couple to crack under pressure. This is a romantic comedy story where games, lies, secrets and deceptions rule the day. Who will win? And will Christina risk everything to get her payback?" Her Perfect Revenge is available in eBook format through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, ReaderStore, Google eBooks, and iTunes. (CF)

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