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Getting Off The Earth (2010)

Gretchen - a divorced 44-year-old lawyer and mother - is newly single. She lives with her teenage daughter Grace and her extended family in Portland, Maine. Gretchen's most recent ex-boyfriend - now friend - John, left her for a 22-year-old ballerina named Irina. You could say Gretchen's dating life is a mess. She has a few colourful clients, a hilariously sarcastic brother, smart nephew, and a loving, though sometimes overbearing mother. Her family is going through a rough financial time, and though they nitpick at each other, their banter alongside Gretchen's internal monologue make for a very comical read. A surprisingly funny and quick read, I enjoy Heidi's unique style of writing. It's chick lit - with a smart and dry sense of humour. The novel makes up the first season of the Port City Chronicle, which was published as a weekly column in the Portland Daily Sun. (AV)

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