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Who's Afraid of Mr Wolfe? (2011)

Advertising copywriter Ellie gets a new boss in Jack Wolfe, who every woman in the office has an instant crush on despite his brooding nature. Recognising her under-utilised talents, Jack urges Ellie to smarten up her act - and appearance. But he has a rule about not seeing anyone from the office and so has to fight his attraction to Ellie. And that pretty much sums up the storyline, apart from singing knickers and Ellie's heart-warming relationship with her eccentric, life-embracing great-aunt Edith. It may sound as if there is not much to the story but even over nearly 500 pages, this light-hearted, entertaining read keeps your interest throughout. And just when you think Jack is the most despicable love interest of all time - he makes Heathcliff seem warm and fuzzy - you begin to hope that he will redeem himself. I certainly won't be afraid to pick up the next book from this promising debut author (who is an advertising copywriter).

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