Happily Ever Before - Aimee Pitta and Melissa Peterman (2012)

Grace and Clair are two sisters who have been through a lot together. Their father was killed by a snowplough outside their house as he shovelled snow from their driveway when they were both teenagers and although quite different personalities they have always supported each other and been close. So when Clair and her husband Henry find they are unable to carry a child of their own, who else do they turn to as a possible surrogate but Grace. This is not an easy decision for Grace to make. What would her role be in this child's life should she go ahead with the pregnancy? How would others perceive her motives? What would the guy she has been talking to over the switchboard at work for months now think of her? Would it kill any chance of her starting a real life romance instead of just a phone one with him? Does she really want to lend out her body like this? With so many questions to ask and be answered, this book is one that will have you smiling and wanting to read on. (LM)

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