Happily Ever Afton, by Kelly Curry, follows the antics of two strangers, who meet by accident, and decide to have a faux-mance to fool their exes. The summary says: "Movie critic Afton Lanford had put off picking out her wedding gown until the last possible moment, but once she's all buttoned into her ruffled satin gown she spots her fiance's tongue - deep in the mouth of the dishonourable maid-of-honour's! Still in her dress, her mad-dash pursuit of the cheating pair leads her to run into ... and over Cooper Stewart Carrington - the third - on her red motor scooter outside a Seattle coffee shop. On the run from a persistent suitor of his own, wealthy investment banker Cooper agrees to the nutty plan Afton proposes to pretend to be "lovers" to throw off their exes. Their 'Strangers on a Train' deal leads to hilarity and hijinks as Afton and Cooper attend a series of events with their former partners in hot pursuit and discover along the way if two perfect strangers can ever criss-cross into perfect lovers." (CF)

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