Happier Than A Billionaire: Quitting My Job, Moving to Costa Rica, and Living the Zero Hour Work Week - Nadine Hays Pisani (2011)

Nadine and husband Rob are chiropractors in the US, and they hate their jobs. Nadine realises this when a client farts on her (yet again), and when Rob can't stop vomiting because of stress. So they up sticks and move to Costa Rica. Nadine might have preferred Tuscany but Rob does the maths and Central America fits the bill. The plan is to live simply off their savings. Of course, as usual, it's not that simple. Comic scenes of the problems they encounter depict her as unadventurous and ditzy sometimes - but it is often laugh-out-loud funny. Much of the humour emanates from Rob, a man unfazed by any situation, whether carrying Nadine through the rainforest after she's bitten by a bullet ant or stuffing $12,000 into his underpants. They have more than their fair share of endearingly quirky habits. It didn't make me dream of moving to Costa Rica; far from immersing themselves in the culture, by the end they are still living in a gated community with other Americans and we're reminded they mainly came here simply to give up work and consumerism. But Nadine learns that fresh market pineapples are better and tastier than Costco Pop Tarts, and she has a very clever way with words. As an often hilarious serious of vignettes, it's addictive reading. (JB)

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