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Butlers (2011)

As a way to appease his wife Stephanie, who is desperate for a baby and yet to conceive, Giles Fanshawe convinces trust advisor Robin Brockenhurst to commit some money from the Lacey Trust towards her London restaurant venture. The Lacey Trust had originally been set up for his half-brother Frankie who had vanished off the coast of Sierra Leone as a 17-year-old. Robin has never got over his brother's disappearance and has had a string of male companions known as Frankie ever since. Stephanie's restaurant concept is similar to that of a private club, with private rooms where people can expect the best service possible. Frankie the fifth becomes her maitre d' and together they build up a successful restaurant where whatever the customer requests is served to them in an elegant environment. Often these menus are way outside the realms of restaurant dining as we know it especially when Mr Wung and his friends are in the house. With its unexpected happenings and a few strange accidents along the way, this book had me hooked from the first to the last page. (LM)

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