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Girl in Snow - Danya Kukafka (2017)


The body of 15-year-old Lucinda is found one morning in a small town in Colorado. There are three people who are really affected by her murder: Cameron, the introverted boy who used to spy on her; Jade, the goth girl who thinks that Lucinda stole her babysitting job and her best friend; and Russ, a police officer who used to work with Cameron's father and who will do anything to protect him.
The novel is not as much about the murder as it is about the psychology of the three main characters, their darkest secrets, and their search for identity. The character of Lucinda remained a bit of a mystery for me but Cameron, Jade and Russ are complex and very well-crafted characters and their stories kept me absorbed in the book. The novel is beautifully written - suspenseful, dark and thought-provoking. (NP)



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