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The Twitter Diaries (2012)

When Stella Cavill (@StellaCavill) rescues Tuesday Fields (@TuesdayFields) from a major fashion dilemma at the New Year's Eve party of media magnate Peter Mignon (@PM_TV), a new friendship emerges. With Stella based in New York from where she runs her struggling men's designer shoes business and Tuesday based in London where she is trying to make her mark in television, the two connect via Twitter. And over the course of a year the tweets fly back and forth between them as they share their problems and worries, successes and failures, including flings with movie-stars, near-misses with sportsmen, break-ups and new loves. Aside from the prologue and epilogue, this novel is told entirely in tweets, which makes for a fast and fun read. Obviously, the novel lacks the benefits of characterisation, detail and scene-setting that are intrinsic to the usual narrative format, and anyone wanting a descriptive and layered read won't find what they are looking for in this book. However, the novel does not suffer at all from its style, thanks in large to the driving momentum of the communication and the plot. A witty and dynamic read, this is a chick-lit novel for the social network age. (JC)

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