Georgia Bockhoven has also published many romance novels.

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The Year Everything Changed (2011)

Jesse Reed's final wish is to see all of his children one last time. With the help of his lawyer and confidant, Lucy, he arranges for his four daughters to visit him before he dies. The problem is Elizabeth, Rachel, Ginger and Christine don't know the others exist and only two of them even remember Jesse as their father. After the very explosive meeting, each woman's world is turned upside down with the revelations brought to light that day. When Jesse dies a short time later, the women must decide whether to comply with the terms of their father's will in order to gain their inheritance or walk away from each other forever. Together they decide to learn about the father they never knew and eventually realise just what it means to have true family in your corner. This is a wonderful story which I found very hard to put down. Even though the characters are highly diverse, I did have trouble keeping a couple of them straight for the majority of the book. I loved how Jesse's story was told through flashbacks, which helped the reader understand the emotions the women felt, hearing about their father for the first time. (LEK)

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