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Spying in High Heels (2006)

Maddie Springer is not only late but late! She's late to meet Richard, her lawyer boyfriend for lunch, but also needing-to-buy-a-pregnancy-test late. After arriving at his office for their lunch date, she witnesses Richard coming out of a meeting with a look of concern, accompanied by another guy, who has a hard look and a lot of tattoos. Richard disappears that very day with no warning. No call, no text, no email. And after a thorough search of his apartment, and an encounter with the tattoo guy, she finds out tattoo guy is a cop and Richard is under investigation for embezzlement. This launches Maddie into a frenzy, desperate to locate Richard (stopping only to design some Strawberry Shortcake sandals to keep her job as a children's shoe designer), to warn him about the charges against him, but also to get to the bottom of the shady things she discovers along the way, including a condom wrapper in his desk drawer at work. Unfortunately, it's not as easy as Maddie initially thought, because the people she is depending on for answers suddenly start dropping like flies. Maddie finds herself teaming up with Dana to weave deeper through the web of lies that Richard has created. She gets so involved that she becomes the next target for the killer who desperately does not want their secret to be known. As the opener to Gemma Halliday's High Heels series, this book definitely leaves you wanting more. The relaxed writing style makes you feel like you're having a conversation with your own best friend, and her observations about her supposed pregnancy that appear throughout the novel are enough to keep you giggling. This book is one that I could not put down. The best part is that just when you think the case is solved after the climax of the book, you run into a cliffhanger that leads you into the second book. Anyone who enjoys a light-hearted, easy read will definitely be entertained by not only Spying in High Heels, but the entire High Heel series. (MD)

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