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The Little Women Letters (2011)

Can you imagine what the descendants of Jo March might be like in the modern world? Well, if you can - or even if you can't - this book will take you on a discovery of three wonderful sisters who are united by a relative that they didn't know much about. When Lulu, the middle child, finds a stack of letters in the attic of her childhood home, she realises they are from Jo, her great-great-grandmother, and tell candidly of her life so many years ago. Lulu feels as though she can't meet up to the standards of her sisters but the letters of her ancestor help guide her to find out what truly makes her happy and what makes her unique. But, can the letters from a time long ago actually help Lulu find her way in a world so modern and different than the one that Jo lived in? This is a story that cleverly ties together the past and present and pays homage to the original Little Women novel by Louisa May Alcott. It also speaks of the joys and trials of sisterhood and family, which is something anyone can relate to no matter when you were born. (AS)

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