Full Measure - Kat Lee (2012)

This book is the first in the Desperate Measures trilogy as bonds begin to take shape over the love of books. This story centres on three women who for different reasons need friends more than ever. Aimee is separated from husband Jack and has a desire to take her talent for making cakes to the next level. Elizabeth is an accountant who is bored of just thinking about numbers all day. Kiki is an exotic dancer who wants more in her life and to get out of the industry once and for all. This was such a funny and heartwarming book, I think readers will be able to relate to at least one of the characters. Jack, for instance, was a control freak and really mean and this will help the reader feel empathy for Aimee and the situation she is in. I was drawn to this book as it was set around a book group. There is a serious element to the book which will pull at reader's heart-strings but this doesn't take away from the humour. I am now eagerly anticipating the second instalment. (KD)

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