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Friendship Never Ends, the debut novel by Ella Dyson, is a story about friendship, the 90s and girl power.
The summary says: "Three independent women - and one man who lives for drama - haven't spoken to their best friend in 20 years, after an epic talent show disaster tore them apart during the height of Spice-mania.
Self-appointed gang leader Carmen then decided to go it alone - Geri style. But now, in 2018, the school reunion is fast approaching.
Friendship Never Ends tells the story of Carmen's plan to win back her former besties - Jemma, Ellie, Laura and Benny - ahead of the big night. But has Carmen really changed? And can their friendship ever really go back to how it was?"
Friendship Never Ends is out in September 2018. Ella Dyson is the pen-name of entertainment reporter Edward Dyson.



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