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Five Go Glamping - Liz Tipping (2015)


Fiona is focused on saving up for her first house with boyfriend Connor. The trouble with her single-minded approach is that she's chasing a promotion in a job she doesn't really love and she's not really sure if she's with Connor because she loves him - or he's just part of her five-year plan. When her friends talk her into a weekend away in the countryside for a New Age festival - staying in a luxury yurt - Fiona decides it's the perfect opportunity to take some time out to rethink her life - and have some fun. With its title paying homage to Enid Blyton - the cast of characters included four friends and a dog; and there were even lashings of ginger beer - I had high hopes for this short novel. But it was about as enjoyable as a stay in a leaky tent during a monsoon. Perhaps keeping with the Enid Blyton inspiration, it was intentional to spell out Fiona's thoughts and feelings in a way that seemed aimed at a six-year-old's comprehension level. And you really can't make a big deal about how there's hardly any phone reception but then have a call come through at a crucial time no problem. The author displays a great sense of humour with some wacky scenes and oddball characters but overall this debut effort seemed a tad undercooked.

Rating 4/10


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