Finding Mother - Anne Allen (2013)

Nicole Oxford was adopted as a baby and brought up by her two loving parents on the island of Jersey. She is now happily married, has a great job, and a lovely home on the mainland of England. However, when Nicole unexpectedly discovers that her husband, Tom, has been unfaithful, her world comes crashing down. Feeling the need to get out of England, Nicole travels to her parents' in Spain for a much-needed holiday and she finds herself starting to wonder about her roots, her biological family. After a trip to the adoption agency, Nicole discovers her biological mother is still alive and well, living on the island of Guernsey. With a good dose of curiosity and nerves, Nicole embarks on a journey to find her biological mother. Nicole is a compelling main character and her journey from Bristol to Spain to the Channel Islands (a gorgeous destination which serves as a great setting) in order to find her family roots is an enjoyable one. Eventually, we are treated to a story of three female generations, with a great set of realistic and well-rounded characters including Nicole's grandmother, Eve. Even though I sometimes missed a bit of depth and would not have minded if a bit more complication had been added to the storyline, the story moves along in a good flowing pace and deals with fascinating themes such as family and finding your own identity, combined with a touch of romance. Finding Mother is a kind-hearted, enjoyable and relaxing novel which is perfect for a lazy afternoon on the couch or in the garden. (JoH)

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