Finding a Man for Sylvia - Margaret Lesh (2012)

Julia Hawthorne-Florez is a happily married woman whose life in on track. She's still in love with her husband, Javier - a soul-searching artist and they have an adorable five-year-old daughter. But employed in a boring and unfulfilling job, Julia decides to put her energy into finding love for others. It starts with a mission to find a soul mate for her new kind and lonely neighbour Sylvia. But clearly that isn't enough of a challenge for Julia because she then decides to find matches for her best friend dominatrix Lisa, her father-in-law Frank and work colleague Ted. Her first mission is to get Sylvia to forget her longing for the local priest and concentrate on real men. She needs to teach Ted how to speak around girls and get Lisa to be less domineering in all respects. Frank listens to her advice about a makeover, but will all of this be enough? Will Julia be successful in finding love for all of these people or will her poor track record repeat itself? This is a light, fun read. (LF)

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