Favorable Conditions - Kathleen Kole (2011)

Recently divorced, and with the second of her two children off to college, Pat decides it's finally time to focus on herself. Jumping in without hesitation, she begins the next phase of her life by buying the used bookstore in town and deciding to downsize from her current home to something more manageable for just one person. However, things don't go as smoothly as Pat is hoping when a new relationship with a younger man and the sudden wedding of her daughter complicate the peaceful existence she has imagined for herself. Thank goodness for a network of great friends who help navigate the rough parts. Kathleen Kole writes brilliantly about a woman at the mid-point of her life. She is able to accurately capture Pat's confidence and insecurities and convey the wisdom Pat has about life, which really does only come with age. It's nice to read a story about a mature woman who still has excitement, love and ambition in her life. (LEK)

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