Falling for Mr Knight - L.T. Saunders (2014)

Ellah Flanders is one of those women for whom things just go from bad to worse, and then they get ... worse. She has been reassigned from her London-based job, sent to Lansburg, Brazil, to work as a teacher of English as a second language. Her dreams of translating novels put on hold, she gamely acquiesces to her boss Cesar's request and moves halfway across the world. Her boss doesn't like her, her roommate makes Australian seem like a foreign language, and Andreas, another representative from her company and a man she loathes, lives across the hall. But then she meets Felix, a gorgeous American temporarily living in town to help out his BFF with a work project. Things with Felix seem to look up, but then they don't, much like Ellah's job. She goes from a simple teacher to someone embroiled in a strange relationship, the object of animus from a romantic competitor, and possibly the target of revenge. Oh, and there is the matter of her father, someone she has never met. The kernel of this book is good, but it's like a snowball: it rolls along, getting bigger and bigger, until you just want to walk away and escape damage. There is a LOT of dialogue, so if you don't enjoy reading conversations, this is not the book for you. If you do enjoy somewhat convoluted plots and a plethora of characters, then this is as fine an option as you'll find. (AP)

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