Falling For Me - Anna David (2011)

Anna David embarked on a project to follow Cosmopolitan guru Helen Gurley Brown's book Sex and the Single Girl. With the ground-breaking book written in the 1960s, Anna wondered if it could be still be significant in today's society. Some of the topics in Helen's book are cooking, fashion, dating and travel. Anna was craving change and decided to try following Helen's advice and see where it lead. Step one she got a profile on and started meeting men. Step two she learnt to cook. Step three was weeding out her wardrobe and adding more of the latest fashion. Step four saw her paying more attention to facial expressions and appearance. Step five involved travel and she exchanged her apartment with a women in Seville. Anna shares her frustrations and triumphs as she pursues the project. Her goal is to create a fulfilling life. The question is how is that defined for you and me? What can we learn from Helen's book? And what does Anna learn? As a single thirty-something I thought the project sounded interesting and I really wanted to find out what she learnt from the experience. David is also the author of novels including Bought and Party Girl. (JG)

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