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Falling for Emma - Alix Nichols (2016)


Since the first day Emma laid eyes on French singer Cyril, she fell in love with him. But he never felt the same way as he was head over heels in love with someone else - Emma's older sister, Gerrie. The pair have been together for years and with her crush on him refusing to subside, Emma goes on a sabbatical to Asia. When she returns, her feelings still haven't changed. Now she has to tell him how she feels to move on. While she has been away, Cyril was in an accident that left him blind and scarred. He has been busy drinking at the Bistro La Boheme and his and Gerrie's relationship is under strain. Emma, using the false name of Laura, befriends Cyril, and soon he is feeling better than ever, like he is back to a happier version of himself. What will happen though when Laura decides to tell him the truth, that she is, in fact, Emma?
Falling for Emma is a cute romantic novella. I love stories like this where the characters finally discover who they are meant to be with, although in this case, the game of deception made it more intense. (PP)



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