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Excess Baggage - Laura Barnard (2017)


Erica and Jack met on holiday when they were teenagers. They were each other's first love but didn't keep in touch. Now that Erica is an adult and in a dead-end relationship, she finds herself thinking about Jack. She goes on holiday with a girlfriend and unexpectedly runs into Jack. Sparks fly, and Erica wonders if she's getting a second chance with her first love.
I loved this book's cover (so gorgeous) and loved the idea of rekindling a teenage romance. I think the concept will resonate with many readers. But, I was disappointed by the delivery. The characters were melodramatic and had a lot of flat dialogue. The heroine seemed immature for her age, and acted more like a teenager than an adult. Lately, I've noticed that chick lit heroines are rather insecure about their bodies and accident prone (i.e. they fall a lot) and Erica was no exception. While I get that these qualities may make a character seem more human, more relatable, etc. I feel that these are cliches and have become tiresome. Pick this up if you are after a quick holiday read for the beach. (CK)



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