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The Lost Art of Mixing (2013)

This sequel to The School of Essential Ingredients artfully follows a handful of characters through their individual and sometimes intermixing storylines. Lillian owns a restaurant and has a life-changing secret to share with Tom, her bereaved widower boyfriend. Finnegan is the dishwasher at Lillian's restaurant, who has developed feelings for Chloe, the young vibrant and guarded sous chef. Chloe moves in with Isabelle, a colourful elderly woman dealing with the heartbreaking beginnings of Alzheimer's disease. Al, Lillian's accountant, is looking for adventure outside of his monotonous marriage to Louise, who is bitter about an affair she just knows her husband is having. This is a book that really takes you on an adventure as you follow all of these different personalities and learn new pieces of information - sometimes exciting, sometimes sad, and sometimes shocking - about them on each journey. The way the characters are weaved together is organic, beautiful and natural. I can't say enough good things about this book. (AV)

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