Emma vs. the Tech Guy - Lia Fairchild (2013)

Emma is a magazine professional who is working towards a promotion when Guy Walker, a new technical guy, is hired. Guy is efficient and good at his job but for some reason, Emma is uneasy around him. Is it because she is married and not looking for adventure? Or is there more to her life story than meets the eye? Her colleague, Jayne, is out to find the man of her dreams and makes a beeline for the new guy. Meanwhile Emma tries so hard to stay aloof while there is clearly some great chemistry between her and Guy. For a novel that begins with a promising start, with Emma hoping for a promotion at the magazine, the book does not use this profession as an interesting backdrop. Other than the fact that Emma is a workaholic, her career is glossed over. There is a big secret that Emma is hiding but you need to wait till the second half of the book for all the revelations to begin. The plot is quite straightforward and the story is so lighthearted, that you don't feel deeply about the characters, because they have not been etched out extensively enough for us. Light and breezy, this is a fun novel to pick up and enjoy over a summer holiday. (AC)


Emma vs. the Tech Guy, by Lia Fairchild, is about a woman with a secret she doesn't want her co-workers to find out about. The summary says: "Emma Barton is a workaholic. Nothing is more important than becoming managing editor of the magazine she works for. And she has the perfect plan to achieve that goal. Then Guy Walker enters her office. Sexy, sweet, and super popular, the new tech guy takes the office by storm. Will he derail every strategy Emma has in place? If he discovers her secret, it could ruin Emma's career and turn her life upside down."

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