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The Art of Saying Goodbye (2011)

This is the story of five neighbours who couldn't be more different but who are best friends nonetheless. Brought together through their friendship with Paisley, Iona, Andrea, Julianne and Ginger are at different stages in their lives but find their differences melt away when they are all together. When Paisley is diagnosed with terminal cancer, they each rally around her, as she has done so many times for each of them, to help her, and her family, say goodbye. During the process, they must each come to terms with losing the one person who keeps their group together and who has always cheered each of them on towards their full potential, even when they weren't sure of it themselves. This is a wonderful story highlighting the friendships, challenges and personal transformations we all go through in our lives. It has been hard to let these characters go since finishing the book and more than once I've found myself wondering what the next chapter was for each of these women. (LEK)

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