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The Divorce Diet (2014)

Abigail, a stay-at-home mum to baby Rosie, loves her food - cooking it, eating it and watching the Food Channel. Wanting to drop some weight she consults a diet book. But soon the extra pounds are the least of her worries when husband Thad announces he's having trouble with the concept of marriage - most specifically being married to her. So she's forced to move back in with her parents and take on waitressing jobs to make ends meet. The story plays out over the first 40 days before leaping ahead several years at the end, and wrapping up with a bunch of recipes. I found it hard to relate to Abigail and apart from some imaginary conversations with her diet guru and some exercise and food intakes notes (a la Bridget Jones), the diet aspect is not really that central a theme. It was more a story about Abigail trying to work through her bitterness and forge ahead with her new life as a single working mother. Although there were lots of humorous passages, I think I was expecting a much spicier tale of revenge and reinvention.

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