Ella Kingsley is the pseudonym of a women's fiction author.

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Confessions of a Karaoke Queen (2011)

Maddie is the daughter of 80s legends Pineapple Mist and though she loves her very eccentric parents she would like nothing more than to live a normal life where she is not reminded of her family ties. So, when her parents call her home one day to announce they are going on tour and Maddie is now in charge of their struggling karaoke bar Sing It Back, she's none too happy. What does she know about running a karaoke bar? And even worse, it's falling into disrepair, there are hardly any customers and the staff seem like the only loyal people around. Maddie is torn on whether to close the bar for good until she comes across an ad for a reality TV show set in a karaoke bar. The ad promises to renovate the establishment and make it into a hip and fun place to sing. What's she got to lose? Before she has time to think about it and change her mind, Maddie signs a contract and the filming begins. First off, the name of the bar is changed, then the decor and then the staff. The producer, Evan, has turned the old bar into one of the hippest spots in town and with it made stars out of the staff and Maddie. But, in the process, he has also created drama and made Maddie a tabloid target. Not to mention that he hired the most gorgeous director ever, whom Maddie instantly falls for. As the show heads for a live finale, it seems like Maddie's life is spiralling out of control and everyone is against her. Has she gotten herself in over her head or will she be able to save her parents' club from the evil hands of Evan before it's too late? This is a wonderful, light-hearted debut that will remind readers of Becky from Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic series. It is a great book to warm your soul with and will no doubt be a favourite of many as Maddie is the type of character that you find yourself rooting for right until the very end. (AS)

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