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The Coffeeholic and the Cafe (2010)

Claire's life in Melbourne is not going well. Her boyfriend has dumped her and she is between jobs again. On a dreary morning she has an epiphany after searching the job ads. She realises that she is a coffeeholic and her destiny is to set up her own coffee shop in Cairns! She moves her life to Far North Queensland and works for Maria on her isolated coffee plantation while making plans to open the best coffee shop in the area. She undertakes endless research by visiting the competition and drinks copious amounts of coffee. She lives in a dumpy, old caravan under the watchful eye of Maria, her son Daniel and the handsome farmhand, Bruce. But does she have the skills to make a success of her newly established cafe? Can she find love in the wilds of the Far North? This is a simple, uncomplicated story and if you enjoy coffee you'll want to sit down with a steaming cup while reading it. (LF)

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