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Daughters (2012)

Lara's former husband, Bill, announces he is getting remarried - months before his daughter Eve's much-anticipated nuptials. And his bride-to-be Sarah wants Eve's reception to be held at her newly inherited country pile. Therapist Lara, who has brought up Eve and her sister Jasmine, isn't so willing to give up her influence over the girls. But when she realises going ahead with the wedding may not be the best thing for Eve, she hesitates about interfering. Meanwhile her own daughter Maudie surprises the family by making a decision about her future that will take her far away from them. This is a beautiful story about how a mother never really loosens the apron strings as her nest empties.

Separate Beds (2010)

New empty-nesters Annie and Tom are finding their newfound peace to be disturbing. Without their kids Mia, Jake and Emily to focus on, they begin to question their marriage. They have long slept in separate beds, and have told themselves that this is normal, and that this makes them happy. So why are they now second-guessing their sleeping arrangements after all these years? Are they married out of habit or security, or do they still love each other? Then Tom gets some bad news and everyone's life is turned upside down. With the house full once again, will Tom and Annie face the elephant in the room - their unhappy marriage? A story about financial burdens, a fractured marriage, and family dynamics, this book was interesting with many well fleshed-out characters. (AV)

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