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Once Upon a Time, There Was You (2011)

John and Irene parted ways years ago after their marriage fell apart. Irene is having fun dating a significantly younger man and John is dating Amy, a woman he has fallen in love with. The only connection John and Irene have left is their daughter Sadie. When 18-year-old Sadie fails to return from a weekend of rock climbing, John and Irene are forced together. The love for their daughter binds them together and they begin to re-examine the life and love they once had for each other. The reader will fall in love with John, a man who deserves true love, however, Irene seems so bitter that I was left wondering why John ever loved her. As a huge fan of will they/won't they novels, I was surprised that by the end of this one I didn't care what path the characters took. (AO)

The Last Time I Saw You (2010)

A group of adults now in their late 50s is contemplating their fortieth high school reunion. Candy Sullivan, the most popular girl at school, is facing illness and reconciling an unhappy married life; Dorothy Shauman is recently divorced and wants to right some of the wrongs that occurred at school including bedding popular jock Pete Decker; Pete married high school sweetheart Nora only to cheat on her. He hopes the reunion might reignite their love for one another; Mary Alice Mayhew was the nerd, invisible and forgotten; and Lester Hessenpfeffer now a veterinarian and widower wants to talk shop with a fellow vet but secretly hopes to forge a new relationship. For this group it is their last chance to make amends and find contentment within their own lives. (LF)

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