Elizabeth Aston is a Jane Austen enthusiast who has written many historical novels continuing on from Pride and Prejudice.

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Writing Jane Austen (2010)

Author Georgina Jackson has a slight problem. Her first book didn't do as well as she had hoped and she can't seem to get beyond the first chapter of her second book. When she is suddenly summoned to the office of her shrill agent, Livia Harkness, Georgina assumes she will be on the first plane back to America, her writing career all but over. She couldn't be more wrong. Livia swears her to secrecy and offers her a substantial commission to complete a recently discovered unfinished manuscript by none other than Jane Austen...in the writing style and voice of Jane Austen. Okay, so maybe she has more than a slight problem. The story that follows is a delightful and often humorous tale of procrastination, fear and self-doubt. With help from Henry, Maud and Anna, Georgina is finally able to focus on the daunting task before her, finding her writing voice once again in the process. The story keeps you guessing as to the outcome of the situation and provides a nice little twist at the end. Although it seemed at times that Georgina's use of phrases and mannerisms are more English than American, I found the characters very likable and the plot believable. For anyone who is a fan of Jane Austen, and wishes she had written more than six books, this story will most definitely appeal to you. (LEK)

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