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One For Sorrow, Two For Joy (2007)

Claire Gallagher has always been fascinated by words, even to the point of marrying Bob, an entomologist, whose use of scientific terms appealed to her greatly. Following Bob to New Hampshire, where he takes up a job at the research training facility, she struggles to work on both her dissertation and a low-paying job as a crossword puzzle writer. Claire soon realises that her marriage is an unhappy one, so she packs her bags and flees to Ireland, to see her sister Noelle and fiance Paul. There, Claire confronts her past - her estranged relationship with her mother, her quiet father, and discovers more about herself and the meaning of love. I find this a rather disappointing read because it focuses too much on Claire's love for words, and less on how she deals with the various relationships in her life. (XT)

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