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The Replacement Wife (2012)

Camille is in her early 40s, married to her doctor husband, Edward, and has a matchmaking business. When her cancer comes back, she decides to match up Edward with his second wife, believing that in doing so, she secures care for her children and husband. She believes she must do this, because her own mother passed away when Camille was 14, leaving her to take care of her younger sister in the face of an absent father who worked as an airline pilot. Camille does not want the loneliness, fear and uncertainty that she experienced to happen to her 14-year-old daughter and nine-year-old son, so she convinces Edward to let her find him a wife. Edward is not amused. He balks and resists, but ultimately agrees in an attempt to make Camille's waning months pleasant for her. She first tries to fix him up with Kat, a sexy, successful news anchor who has been very unlucky in love. That doesn't work, so Camille introduces Elise, a divorced teacher whose first husband cheated on her. Then there is Angie, the owner of a small catering company, who provides food for Camille's meet-and-greet socials, but whom Camille is convinced has no interest in love and marriage. Angie vies for Edward's affections on her own, albeit unintentionally at first. Which one will Edward choose? Or will he choose at all? And what will happen to Camille? How will she manage this shift in their marriage, even if it is her idea? This book is amazing, and you will sink into it. Eileen Goudge writes a fascinating, gripping story that will have you smiling one minute and weeping the next. You will find yourself taking sides. Do you choose the dying Camille? Or do you side with Edward and hope his kindness is rewarded? This would make an excellent book club choice, because there is so much you can discuss. I just loved it! (AP)

Once in a Blue Moon (2009)

When sisters Lindsay and Kerri Ann are sent into foster care after their mother is caught selling drugs, it takes a toll on the sisters' once-close relationship. While Lindsay is lucky to be sent to a good family, Kerri Ann isn't. She's bounced around most of her life and this leads her to choosing the wrong path as an adult. Thirty years later, when Kerri Ann shows up at Lindsay's book store in California, things are a little strained. Kerri Ann has lost custody of her young daughter Bella and needs Lindsay's help to get Bella back. Though the sisters are trying to reconnect, it's hard since Kerri Ann has had so many issues including alcoholism. However, over time, the sisters help each other out and work on their problems, showing that the bond of sisters can never really be broken. It's a dramatic story of loss, forgiveness and family dysfunction, proving that there is always hope for someone to change and that there is always room for a happy ending. (AS)

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