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Three's a Crowd (2014)

Australian Elan is an editor at a publishing company in Manhattan and is asked to take on an autobiography by actor Rox Wriothesly. Trouble is the pair of them haven't got off to the best of starts, he's notoriously difficult to track down and he's barely written a word. Meanwhile, her male best friend Luke returns from England looking to break into acting and moves in with her, just as her flatmate Lily moves out across the hall to live with her lovely boyfriend, Marcus. It's great having Luke back but he doesn't get along with Elan's lawyer boyfriend, Hunter. This debut novel was an unexpected delight. The verbal slanging matches between Elan and Rox are superb, the relationship between her and Luke is charming. Plus there's glamorous friends (perhaps a few too many as I did lose track of who was who), bitchy colleagues and Manhattan nightlife tossed in for extra flavour. Three's definitely a crowd, because all you'll want is to be by yourself to read this book. Well worth getting past the tacky cover.

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