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Dying To Be Slim - Abby Beverley (2015)


As women we are always plagued with the thought "What if I was skinny or lost a few pounds - how great would my life be and how sexy would I look? Dying to be Slim is a story about Clara who is huge - like the mother from the What's Eating Gilbert Grape movie. She never used to be this big but after having five children and with a husband who likes to cook and bake, the weight has piled on and never left her. After an article about her family and her weight size comes out, Clara reads it and falls asleep - thinking how great it would be to be slim again and wham bam, out pops Starla - Clara's thinspiration body. Anytime Clara wants to be Starla, all she has to do is fall asleep and hold the amulet and rub it to wake up. Imagine the power and possibilities as Clara can now leave the house and discover the outside world. What will happen though when she starts to learn that her family isn't as put together as she assumed and that it seems everyone has been lying to her and to each other? Has Clara's life really been that self-absorbed that she never noticed what was really going on with her family? And what about if Starla gets stuck in her thin world? If you love stories that involve journeys of self-discovery and regaining your self-worth, then check out this one about every women's fantasy. (PP)

Rating 7/10


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