Eileen Cook has just released a new ebook, Do or Di. The summary says: "Erin Callighan has given up on the idea of a fairytale romance. Having dated her own version of the Seven Dwarves (including Grumpy and Sleepy), she's letting go of the idea of Prince Charming and settling for Prince Good Enough. Erin's focused on reaching her dream of having her own talk radio show, even if it means having to temporarily co-host with the annoying "Voice of Seattle", Colin Stewart. To score points with her station manager, she agrees to be a part of the Positive Partnerships program that matches her with Diana, a troubled pre-teen who swears she's channelling the spirit of the late Princess Diana. She's supposed to be mentoring Diana, but the channelled princess has a lot to teach Erin about love and happily-ever-after endings."

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