Don't Mention the Rock Star - Bree Darcy (2015)

You never forget your first love. But it's especially hard to do so when he is a famous rock star and you work for a celebrity magazine. Kellie has since moved on from her teenage boyfriend, and is now married with two children. However, she has kept her former relationship with AJ Dangerfield, or Andy as she calls him, a secret from her husband and her boss. When Kellie and Andy meet again, there is no denying that the chemistry is still there. Keeping their past under wraps is hard enough; but now they must also figure out whether or not they have a future together. Kellie and Andy are both very loveable characters, and their connection is so evident that it is hard not to root for them as a couple, in spite of the circumstances. The author has structured the novel in such a way that the readers get to see their relationship develop from its early stages to present day, and there are plenty of twists to keep things interesting. This is a great debut for Bree Darcy and I look forward to the next one. (LB)

Note: Bree Darcy is the pen-name of the Chicklit Club editor.

Don't Mention the Rock Star, the debut novel by Bree Darcy, asks: do you believe in the power of first love? The summary says: "They fell in love in an instant ... so why have they spent a lifetime apart? As a teenager Kellie dated an American boy but circumstances meant they went their separate ways. Now he's back and she's so tempted to see him again. But two decades have passed and they are both married with children. And the last thing a celebrity reporter like her needs is the world finding out about her past relationship with a rock star. Especially as Kellie's husband doesn't even know she once dated AJ Dangerfield, lead singer of legendary band Danger Game. And she has no intention of him finding out. EVER. As Kellie deals with a demanding boss, a bullied son, an infuriating mother-in-law and a best friend who won't act her age, she finds herself playing a dangerous game. What will happen if her two worlds collide? And is it possible that first love never fades?" Bree Darcy is the pseudonym of Australian journalist Stephanie Pegler - the founder of the Chicklit Club website. Don't Mention the Rock Star is out in January 2015. You can read the first three chapters here.

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