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The Cinderella Rules (2003)

Once upon a time there were three fairy godmothers who run Glass Slipper Inc. Their fun business is to help people discover who they really are and find them someone special to share their lives with. Darby is sent to the team by her sister for a makeover that she doesn't want. So far she has managed to avoid her father's world, comfortably living in Montana. But now she has to fit into the D.C. social scene. Throughout the story, Donna Kauffman keeps us on our toes as we cheer for Darby and fall in love with the godmothers. Meeting not one but two men, Darby is sent on a mission to discover the truth. The twists and turns of the plot keep you guessing until the end. This fun and exciting read, with loveable characters, is one you will not forget. (MS)

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