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Be Sweet (2007)

Two sisters both share a sweet tooth for food. Charlene Haverwood is divorced and childless with a high-powered career. It's that time of year again - the annual Syrup Harvest - and this year it coincides with Charlene's parents' 50th wedding anniversary. Heading home to Tappery, to stay with her younger sister Janni, Charlene finds it hard to be back with her sister and coupon-clipping husband and their pet squirrel which won't stop attacking her expensive nylon stockings. Charlene tries to multi-task, saving her parents' party from being turned from an extravaganza into a cheap night out when her sister tries to take over. When things get too tough, Charlene turns to the one thing she knows will comfort - chocolate. When she ends up with a toothache it's time to visit the dentist whom turns out to be a hunk and sparks fly. Is this Charlene's second chance at love? This is a wonderful story that shows that no matter how old we get and how many arguments we have with our sisters, when it comes to the crunch they are always there for you no matter what the circumstances. (PP)

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