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The Book of Someday (2013)

Livvi, Micah and AnnaLee are all searching for the same thing - peace. After growing up with a distant father and an abusive step-mother, Livvi wants nothing more than a loving family of her own. Micah, who has just received devastating news, is attempting to make amends for past grievances with the people in her life. AnnaLee is trying to keep her family together by helping her husband find a stable career and helping their angry, teenaged niece, Persephone, who is staying with them for the summer, see her potential as a young woman and artist. While working towards their respective life goals, these three seemingly unconnected women are also each haunted by a mysterious stranger in a silvery dress with pearl-button shoes. How do their stories fit together and who is this woman none of them can place? Very well-plotted with strong, distinct characters and storylines, The Book of Someday is an emotional story of finding love in the most unexpected places, with a bit of intrigue thrown in to keep the reader on her toes. (LEK)

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