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Skinny (2011)

Twenty-six-year-old Gray Lachmann has counted calories all her life, adopting a similar dietary routine as her weight-obsessed mother. But with her father's death, everything changes and Gray finds herself developing an insatiable hunger for food. This subsequently develops into a binge eating routine, and she discovers that she might have a teenage step-sister. Deciding to deal with her food problem and to meet the child, Gray leaves her life and boyfriend in New York and enrols herself as a counsellor for Camp Carolina, a summer weight-loss program. This dark novel illuminates the deliberate association between food and body image, captured by moments of Gray's erratic cycles of bingeing and starving in relation to the different characters she meets throughout. I found some of the characters too stereotypical and while the story started strong, my interest waned as it progressed. (XT)

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