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Tap & Gown (2009)

In the fourth and final Secret Society Girls novel, Amy is not looking forward to her fast-approaching graduation. Not knowing where her future is headed, trying to get some quality time with her boyfriend, and trying to pick the junior who will take her place at Rose & Grave is taking its toll on Amy's studies. Little does she know what's about to happen, a terrifying initiation accident, a job offer her boyfriend can't refuse, and an argument with her roommate make this book the most interesting and satisfying of them all. I love a good ending that ties up all the loose bits, and I got it with this book. (AV)

Rites of Spring (Break) - Diana Peterfreund (2009)

The third instalment of the Secret Society Girls series follows the Diggers on a wild spring break trip to the society's private island off the coast of Florida, Cavador Key. Amy is involved in a prank against a rival society that goes horribly wrong, and is now the target of their revenge attacks. Finally on vacation and ready to relax on Cavador Key, Amy finds herself the centre of a few life-threatening "accidents". In the midst of trying to stay alive, figuring out who is trying to hurt her, and trying to enjoy her trip, she finds herself having a spring fling with her one-time rival. This fast-paced book really kept me guessing. (AV)

Under the Rose (2007)

Picking up where Secret Society Girl left off, Amy Haskel, having unravelled the plot set on destroying the first class of female diggers, is looking forward to having put her troubles behind her. Amy's hopes are dashed when the diggirls get an email that leads them to believe they have a traitor in their society. To make things worse Amy's ex-boyfriend has a sexy new girlfriend, one of her digger brothers starts dating her roommate, and someone in Rose & Grave has a thing for Amy. This book will keep you intrigued and provide some background on Amy's fellow diggers. (AV)

Secret Society Girl (2006)

Amy Haskel is in her Junior year at the prestigious Eli University, an editor for Eli's literary magazine and a self-proclaimed commitment-phobe. Amy's life takes a surprising turn when she is 'tapped' by the elite and mysterious secret society Rose & Grave, also known to only have male members. Amy thought initiation would be the hardest part of her Junior year but she isn't prepared for the backlash that comes from Rose & Grave's powerful alumni for letting women into their "boy's only" club. She soon finds her career, kind-of boyfriend, and her social life is on the line. I loved the way this book, the first in the Ivy League series, went into details of "initiation" and all of the rules a secret society brings. (AV)

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