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Destiny's Second Chance - Kate Vale (2015)


Not a day has gone by that Bella hasn't thought of her daughter and now twenty-one years later, librarian Bella has received a letter from her daughter's adoptive father giving her permission to contact Destiny. When Bella does, a relationship soon evolves between the birth mother and her daughter, though it seems the adoptive mother, Vanessa Harris, isn't happy about it and still sees Bella as the girl who gave up her baby. Is life giving both Destiny and Bella a second chance at getting to know one another?
What I loved about this book was that Bella and Destiny had lots in common and while Bella didn't want to tear the Harrises apart, she did want to get to know her daughter. Also it seems that this might be Bella's second chance at a family with not only her daughter coming back but her friend's nephew, Gavin, seeming to be interested in her. This is a lovely family saga and it shows readers that sometimes in life, second chances are what we need to be happy because things don't always go right the first time around. (PP)



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