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Love Or Something Like It (2009)

"When I get to my thirties, I'll know what I'm doing." Lacey Brennan has been questioning her impulsive decision to give up her job and life in New York to move to Hollywood with her talented comedian boyfriend, Toby. But this uncertainty recedes when Toby proposes on her 30th birthday - suddenly everything seems to fall in place. However, her happiness is short-lived when Toby can't get a job and their marriage starts to crack. Lacey also struggles with the negative atmosphere in her new TV job and her own family dramas, including her brother suddenly taking off. Lacey starts to wonder if being 30 will really make her mature enough to make the right decisions in life. This is an edgy, bittersweet story about growing up and learning that sometimes letting go is perhaps the best way. (XT)

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