Deborah Schoeneman has covered gossip, real estate and society for the New York Observer, the New York Post, and New York magazine. She's also the editor-in-chief of Hampton Style magazine.

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4% Famous (2006)

Kate Simon gets a job as the 'new legs' covering the New York scene on the Examiner's gossip column. She befriends two other gossip columnists, Blake Bradley who has to protect his wealthy father after he's implicated in a tax scandal, and Tim Mack, from Column A, a heavy drinking guy whose affair with a mattress (model/actress) sees her falling pregnant. Kate is told that the secret, when it comes to being a boldfaced name, is to be only 4% famous where you get invites and perks, without the invasive media and public attention. And she's also warned to never date a source, which becomes tricky when she falls for the latest celebrity chef Marco Mancini. He loves courting the media but has a past he's desperate to keep out of the gossip columns.

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