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A Girl’s Guide to Moving On (2016)


For Nichole and her mother-in-law Leanne, it is the end of an era.  When Nichole leaves her cheating husband Jake, Leanne quickly follows in her daughter-in-law’s footsteps and also leaves her husband, Sean, who has been having affairs for decades. Together they give each other the support and courage to embark on a new chapter of their lives. This is a story that would resonate with many, with the rate of divorce being what it is. Nichole was admirable in the face of Jake’s bullying, and even though Leanne was way further along in her marriage to Sean, I could see where her head was at to some degree. It was a welcome read that balanced the emotional and mental aspects of marriage, and illustrated that not every marriage is the same. (KARM) 8/10


Last One Home (2015)


We first meet a family of three girls Cassie, Nichole and Karen who are inseparable until they get older and Cassie runs away from her family to marry Duke - a man they disapprove of. As the years pass, Cassie ends up in an abusive relationship and her family are no longer part of her life. Now years later, with Duke gone, her older sister, Karen, reaches out to say she can have some of their late parents’ furniture if she can collect it. For Cassie, this is perfect timing as she has also received news that she and her daughter have been accepted for a Habitat for Humanity home. As Cassie thinks about making amends with her sisters, it seems that no one has the perfect relationship, no matter how hard they try to make it appear that way. Out of all the sisters, Cassie was the most impressive for being honest about what she had gone through, while her sisters acted like spoilt brats, not letting her explain. This will appeal to those who love family sagas. (PP) 7/10


Blossom Street Brides (2014)


Blossom Street, Seattle, is the home of a knitting store named A Good Yarn and the meeting place of three women whose friendship goes beyond a cup of tea and a chat. Owner Lydia, mother to adopted daughter Casey and stepson Cody, has a wonderful marriage to Brad. Family concerns regarding her mother's frailty and determining how her daughter will cope when her mother passes is just one additional worry for Lydia's shoulders to carry. Mysterious knitting baskets are being placed around town with stock from her shelves, asking passersby to knit a row or two, with the final piece given to the homeless. Lydia has no idea who is behind this wonderful act of charity and is curious to find out. Bethanne is married to Max and as newlyweds, their long-distance relationship is difficult to cope with emotionally. Add to the mix an ex-husband who won't go away, a stubborn daughter who refuses to accept Max as her mother's new husband and a new grandchild on the way. Circumstances within her relationships cause Bethanne to re-evaluate her family and marriage with the possibility of giving up everything to be with the man she loves. Lauren dreams of having a family of her very own. On receiving news that her sister is pregnant, Lauren takes check of her life and decides changes are needed. Ending a long-term relationship and creating a 'husband list' is just what she needs to give her the right headspace to find true love for herself. As a fan of the Blossom Street novels, Blossom Street Brides - the 10th in the series - doesn't seem to have the suspense and anticipation of past novels. Previously, a reader has been able to pick up a Blossom Street themed novel and have an understanding of who the characters are and their place on Blossom Street. This particular novel doesn't give a lot of background information on the characters, and will leave first-time readers confused and questioning who is who. As a reader, I felt Blossom Street Brides lacked a certain 'high' compared to the other novels. If you have followed the series, a reader tends to want more interaction with the other characters we have come to love so much - just as they have previously. An additional storyline of Lauren's boss and her daughter didn't seem to a be a good fit and the novel itself would have survived without it. (MP) 6/10


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